Your Workplace, Your Home: 10 Important Office Facilities that Need Regular Cleaning

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Your Workplace, Your Home: 10 Important Office Facilities that Need Regular Cleaning

Your office as your workplace is like your second home already. Everyday, you go in and out of it, carry your stuff, bring yourself, eat your food, do your job and everything else. It becomes a comfortable and homey place for you even if it’s not literally your house. And together with coworkers, employees and bosses, it’s that one place you all mutually know and care for.

Because your workplace is not like any other place but somehow treated as your home, it’s important that you maintain its order and neatness. You should always be responsible when it comes to keeping it hygienic and safe for everybody. 

You can make that happen by keeping sure that the things you use in your office are cleaned well and properly. Especially those materials used often by all of you must be regularly sanitized. Complete office cleaning is a big must! So you will not overlook and forget them, below are 10 important office facilities that need utmost cleaning regularly:


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Everyone in the office makes use of a desk or a table assigned in his/her work station. Your desk or table is like your own “territory” where you put your things and do your work as you have to. It’s where papers, boxes, ballpens, notebooks, folders and other work materials are placed. Sometimes, it’s where you eat as well. It experiences a lot from you daily, so it gets dirty too even when it’s not easily noticeable. 

You should be thoughtful to clean your own space. It’s your personally most used facility, so keep an eye on it. Don’t just clean it when you feel you can already touch dust from it. Instead, clean it regularly!

The same thing with desks and tables generally used by everybody just like the ones in the lobby, waiting areas, information desks, client desks and many more!


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Drinking water is very important, especially if you are working in a confined office where you are sitting all day long. If you have a water dispenser inside, you must be certain that it gets cleaned regularly, not only when you want to or when you remember to do so. 

Bear in mind that keeping the water dispenser clean is keeping everybody who drinks from it safe and healthy as well. Some dispensers get filled with water in its drip tray. Aside from that will cause spillage of water on the floor, it could also become a breeding place for bacteria since it’s wet. 

You should also look into the water dispenser’s faucets. The openings should be specifically kept clean because the water you drink goes through them. Check it there are insects getting in them. The push handles or buttons must be wiped too since many hands touch and hold them.

The water gallons placed should be well-conditioned too. If your dispenser has a door, make sure it’s closed when not in use to avoid unwanted pests to enter it.



Not all offices have refrigerators, but if yours has, take good care of it. Keep it neat and nice because you are all putting food and drinks in it which all affect your health. Conserve it by ensuring there are no food and drink leakages which might lead to unpleasant smell inside the office. 

Throw out rotten food and spoiled drinks to prevent further growth of bacteria and presence of bad odor in the workplace. Washing and wiping are necessary!



One of the office facilities always used is the door. Clean them regularly, especially the door handles and knobs because hands always touch and hold them. Handles are the main spot where transfer of germs occur. 

Both people from your office and people who are just visiting your office get in contact with doors. That means more people use them. Without learning to clean your hands, you can easily be impacted. You never know what other people held with their hands before they opened and closed your office door! Be healthier and safer by wiping off dirt from door knobs and handles! 


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Does your air conditioning unit sometimes feel less cold even when the temperature is set low already? Does it make an unusual sound when in use? That might be caused by dirt build-up inside! 

It is very vital that you have your air conditioning unit cleaned regularly! Don’t just clean it when already feel like there is something wrong with it. Clean it with a proper schedule, and don’t forget about it! 

When your air conditioning unit is not sanitized, the air that comes from it also becomes dirty and very unhealthy. Instead of blowing out cool and clean air, it gives out air you don’t want to sniff in — dusty and filthy! The result is more and more employees and people in your office getting unwell and ill!

Be sensitive enough to know when you should call an office cleaning expert to make your air conditioning unit better-functioning.

[6] SINK

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When your workplace has a sink, make sure it’s always clean! It is said that the dirtiest place area in the house is the sink. Well, take that as the same with the office! It’s often damp and filled with dirty dishes, that’s why. 

Harsh cleaners should not be used, so your office sink can still maintain its good look. Make sure the smell won’t be too strong also so when people go in, they will not be uncomfortable and sick of it!



Areas where you can take a break or rest, sit or lie down cozily get dirty also because lots of people use them. Couches, sofas, beanbags, chairs and other facilities used for resting are included here. 

People’s body odor and clothes odor stick onto them. For some instances, people who sleep there might also get there saliva dropping onto those. That’d be yucky to hear, but come on, it’s real. 

Consider the types of materials used in them as well. There are materials that can attract dirt and dust more rapidly than others. Have them cleaned as they should be!



Not only in the workplace but everywhere there is a toilet bowl, cleanliness must be observed. You are not the only one using it, so first of all, be human enough to know how to flush the toilet and not throw tissue and other garbage in it! 

Hire office cleaning experts that cater to comfort room cleaning too if you want to have your whole office generally spruced. Regularly clean the comfort rooms, especially toilet bowls, because health risks are also present.  


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Carpets and rugs must be regularly cleaned because dirt easily attach to them in a blink of an eye, and they are not easy to wash. Big floor carpets are very much prone to all kinds of germs as well since shoes land on them, and shoes are among the dirtiest things out there!

You step just wherever, so it’s for sure that your shoes are not clean — whatever the brand is! Shoe soles aren’t a joke at all. Vacuum carpets and have them totally washed! If not, dusts that accumulate can spread without hassle!


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Well, your hands are among the main transmitters of germs, and you use them on your computer keyboards and mouses on a daily basis. That just means these gadgets get a lot of dirt every single day as well. 

They get dusty, sweaty, sticky and all the other unclean ways they can get into, and you might not notice those happening! It is very important that you clean them on your own regularly or hire an office cleaning company for general cleaning of your office and facilities. If not, passing on of viruses is easier, and you yourself can cause irritations to your beloved skin.


Be mindful at all times with regards to things you usually encounter and use yourself. In your workplace, it’s not just you but many people using many of the same stuff like the ones mentioned above. That’s why you must always clean them. 

If you skip, ignore and forget to do so, your workplace can transform into a nasty and unlikeable place where you will feel, smell and see an unpleasant view. Also, it’s easier to spread viruses and bacteria when the surroundings are dirty. That means sicknesses and diseases will often be experienced, and unfortunately, they can easily be communicated from one person to another. Health risks will be present in your workplace, and productivity will negatively be affected.

Aside from human’s irresponsibility when it comes to utilizing and cleaning facilities, these items also normally get dusty and dirty overtime, so you must regularly check them as well. Having them unsanitary can lead to bigger hygiene and cleanliness troubles.

Always make sure that you have all your office facilities clean! Just because they “don’t look” dirty doesn’t mean they really are not. Be more aware and concerned. Never take lack of cleanliness as a light issue in the workplace because many offices have this problem. Make your workplace a lovely, comfortable, delightful and clean place to be and to work in! 


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. She also writes for Magic Cleaning Sydney, a cleaning and maintenance service in Australia. She graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts

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