TOAST AND TASTE: 3 Awesome Food and Wine Tours to Experience in the Central Coasts

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TOAST AND TASTE: 3 Awesome Food and Wine Tours to Experience in the Central Coasts

One of the top ways to learn about a certain country or land is to dive into their wide variety of food and drinks! That’s because these tell a lot about a country’s or a city’s lifestyle, standards and most of all, culture. Food and drinks truly links people from all over the world into a connection that only delicacies can make happen.

The Central Coast in New South Wales and in California are both definitely glamorous destinations to go to in the world. They have the same names, and both possess treasures which cannot be met in any other parts of the globe. If you are traveling to these alluring Central Coasts, among the things that you must not miss experiencing is the food and wine tours that they generously offer. You can even celebrate special occasions there or just spend elegant weekend getaways in NSW and in CA!

Check out these 3 food and wine tours surely perfect for tourists, but locals, of course, are welcome anytime!

Central Coast Food and Wine Tours in Paso Robles

Exceptional in many ways, Paso Robles has been home to farm-fresh food and award-winning wines that every foodie traveler gets amazed with! There’s no better way to discover their fun and sophistication but through a guided walking tour and a private wine tour! 

A Central Coast Food and Wine Tour in Paso Robles will let you unravel this new culinary edge where food, wine and history merge to give guests a stupendous and scrumptious experience! An exemplary way to explore what the town is about is to engage in the Food and Wine Progressive Lunch Walking Tour through Downtown Paso Robles!

The food and wines are all delicious, so see to it that you bring your appetite, and make sure you come hungry! As part of the tour, you will be viewing choiced Paso Robles wines and restaurants. A savory lunch is for you to fully enjoy as you get to know about the other eating places and wineries in the area. 

Indulge in prime selections of food including tasty beet salad, tapenades, roast beef sandwich, breads, homemade salamis, cheeses, gelatos and of course, cannot be taken out of the tour, a delectable glass of fine wine! 

They offer semi-private and private Driving Food and Wine Tours. All these tours render the spectacle of culinary, viticultural and agricultural means and enterprise in the place. 

You will surely enjoy and get super excited as these tours bring to light the Central Coast CA’s abundance in food, drinks and history! Get wholly fascinated by accounts of how many important factors such as farms, geography, climate and now world-renowned chefs and winemakers have come together to bring food and wine enthusiasts and lovers the prime fruits & vegetables, additive-free and continuously produced meats and aquaculture ready wherever! 

With friendly tour guides informing you about history and other relevant information, you will absolutely get closer to the town’s heart. You will stroll through downtown and find out many histories exclusive to be uncovered through these educational and tummy-filling tours! Learn how Paso Robles has turned into one of the chiefest and most rapidly growing wine areas worldwide. 

Divine Tours

Established and began in 2006 in Central Coast NSW, diVine Tours is about quality food and wine. It is also for supporting, sustaining and promoting local businesses. The owners of diVine Tours are more than glad to have shared with their numerous customers and guests their love for their favorite places for eating and drinking! 

Divine Tours include the Hunter Valley wine tours where some of the region’s centers of interest are exhibited. Available also is the Gourmet Wine Tour that caters to a maximum of 12 guests. This tour offers a door-to-door service pick-up and return. Kids are not allowed in the Gourmet Wine Tour. It is wisely plotted and planned to present a vast overview of the Hunter Valley to every guest!

The Private Tours they have allow bigger groups of up to 20 heads to join. That makes these very ideal for big family travels or company trips. Guests are also picked up from certain points such as Broke and Newcastle. Unlike the Gourmet Wine Tour that has a fixed schedule and list of itineraries, Private Tours give chance for guests to choose as they desire, if that’s what they want.

What’s more pleasant is that vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are also available in the restaurants which are part of the tours. If you are caring for your diet, then you will be helped kindly. For any allergies and other conditions that need proper attention, you will be assisted well, so you will not accidentally eat or drink those which are not allowed for you. Just make sure that you let them know when you are booking and of course, your specific conditions to consider, so they can prepare as necessary too. 

One of the critical rules to keep in mind during the diVine Tours is that alcohol consumption is not permitted in the buses provided by them.

Taste of SLO Food Tours

Taste of SLO is now open after 3 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Taste of SLO and their partner restaurants in the Central Coast CA are doing the best they can to provide a lusciously unforgettable tour. For now, guests must understand the adjustments and new protocols in the food tours for everyone’s safety. 

An eating and drinking event that will certainly excite you is here! Enjoy with the whole family! You can book a private tour, so you can have the day with your dear ones. Keep in mind that for their tours, there is a minimum of 4 guests. 

Taste of SLO Food Tours include bountiful eatables and drinkables in every itinerary! SLO stands for San Luis Obispo, a city that fosters and completely supports small businesses. Really, a concern for the people and work of the people, not only the already famous and huge ones, but also the starting and still small pursuits. 

Both Uptown Mojo Tours and Downtown Tours are roughly 3 hours long. You are ensured to visit 5 peerless destinations where you will delight in. 

Take note that if you want to book Taste of SLO Food Tours, you must buy tickets in advance. Wear a nice pair of walking shoes and your comfortable OOTDs.

It pays to be informed about any weather condition unfavorable for tours. Although they are open rain or shine, still know the news and inquire directly. If it’s rainy, make sure to bring jackets and umbrellas as needed.

You will gain an outstanding chance to understand the SLO history on the walking tour as you munch on irresistible bites and sips. Come with a hungry tummy and head that’s information-ready!


Without a doubt, experiences in these food and wine tours in the Central Coasts, even in different locations — NSW and CA — are all for keeps! You will be gleeful in your stomach and well-informed in your brain. There will be cool and notably fun stuff to find out and taste! What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to go toast and taste for yourself!


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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