4 Methods To Floss Your Teeth When You Have Braces

4 Methods To Floss Your Teeth When You Have Braces
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4 Methods To Floss Your Teeth When You Have Braces

Braces are needed to give you a clean, complete and perfect smile. But when you have your braces on, you need to make sure that you clean your teeth properly. Flossing is very important for such cases. Wax coated flosses are easily available online and no matter how much time it kills from your daily life you should definitely spare some time for it. Brushing alone cannot get rid of the smallest portions of food particles getting trapped on the other side of the brace. Only flossing can help you in such cases. As brackets are wires which are blocking the brush from cleaning the teeth properly, flossing is very important. Else different types of gum infections and tooth problems can occur. Below some types of flossing is described, no matter which one you follow; you should definitely spare some time around the day to do this. When you are put on the treatment for invisalign London, you can floss your teeth without any worries. 

1. Traditional Flossing Technique

This is the age old technique and can never go wrong. Here you just need to use a wax coated floss thread to use. But you need to spend around 15-20 minutes just to make sure that your technique is doing right and you are doing it in the right place and right pace. It is important for you to choose a floss wisely. If you choose a lean thread, it will tear and the thread pieces may get stuck at different parts of the brace. 

  • How to do this: 18 to 24 inch floss is needed in this case. You just need to slip it through the main wire and your teeth. Initially you have to spend a few minutes in one teeth just to make sure that you are catching up the right technique. Once you know how to floss, you can do that easily. Move the thread up and down and wrap both the ends around two fingers of two hands. Do it on your pace. Once you are done, make sure to remove the floss gently from the teeth else you may open up the wire part and can initiate an accident. Once one tooth is done, go ahead flossing the others in the same way. 

2. Oral Irrigator

Oral irrigation is done with a tool named waterpik. Lots of brands are there that produce this product. A strong and continuous flow of water runs between the teeth and through the gum line making sure that no food particles are left there. This is very efficient and kills only 5-6 minutes a day and works wonderfully. The price of the product starts from $50 in general. 

  • How to do this: Brush your teeth gently before using this technique. You can fill the water tank coming with this tool. To increase the effect of the water, you can add antibacterial agent with it. Now put the pin head of the irrigator on the flosser. Now place the floss according to your needs and your convenience. Now start the jet spray. Let the water go out of your mouth as this will bring all the leftover food particles along with it. Once the teeth are done, use the same procedure through the gum line as well. 

3. Floss Threader

A plastic tool with a holding part and a small thread attached to it. You just need to floss your teeth and all the debris would come out easily. This is the same as your traditional one. Here you just adding a plastic tool along with the thread attached to it. Before you buy the whole packet, make sure to consult your dental surgeon. Not all people are allowed to use it due to different reasons. Hence, before excitedly searching for cheap invisalign braces near me, consult your orthodontist. 

  • How to do this: The thread is available within the plastic tool itself. You just need to take out the amount of floss needed for your case. Now tie it on the required spot. After this slip the floss between your front wire and your tooth gently. Floss it properly and once you are done with one tooth, you can go ahead with others. The technique is easy and also saves a lot of time. 

4. Dental Tape

Dental tape is an ultra thin and delicate product for those people that never used flosses in their whole life. If your gums and teeth are infected and you have oral problems, this type of floss is useful for you. The traditional one would be painful for you and sometimes you may watch blood oozing out of your gum. So use Dental tape and you will be fine. The method of using this tape is the same as the Traditional floss one. Just be a little more sensitive towards your teeth. 

General Tips For TheFflossing Users:

  • Don’t use whitening toothpastes as it won’t go under your braces and you will get a tooth with two colours once the braces are off. 
  • Regular cleaning from experts are needed as this will help you to get a deep clean and proper cleaning will be done. 
  • An electric toothbrush will be better for you as you do not need to put so much effort using it. 

Keeping your teeth white and clean gives you confidence in public. But it also helps you to maintain your total hygiene which is good in the long run. So spare a few minutes every day just to floss your teeth. You can go for invisalign which won’t cost you much. cheap invisalign london have made their invisalign accessible to everyone.

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