5 Instagram Hacks For More Likes And Followers

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5 Instagram Hacks For More Likes And Followers

We scroll through the perfect lives of influencers for several hours a day and also dream of becoming a world traveler in order to finance this lifestyle by posting the pictures. Earn money with Instagram – dream job 2020! What sounds like taking a little selfie and posting pictures is hard work and sudden success is more the exception. Not only the big competition but also the Instagram algorithm makes it difficult to get more likes and followers. If you are facing the same and don’t getting likes, don’t worry! You can buy real Instagram likes to leave the shyness behind and move on with a great confidence. No matter whether the private user or future Instagrammer, everyone is happy about as many likes and followers as possible. You can find out how you can increase your range and how the new algorithm works here!

1 The first impression counts – not only in personal encounters

On Instagram, just like in real life, a few seconds decide whether the profile is appealing or not. It starts with choosing your name. As a rule, the name of the account should match your or your brand in order to be found in the search. Lower case letters and no spaces are particularly suitable here. You should also be clearly recognizable in your profile picture. Below you have the possibility in the “Bio” to write some information about yourself and your profile – use this. Formulate briefly and clearly what the users can expect from your feed and don’t forget to indicate your website.

2 Keep the image editing subtle – and the feed clean

Not only is the content of your postings but also the presentation crucial for your success as an Instagrammer. Pay attention to clear, sharp images and subtle image editing – less is more! Care should also be taken when using filters. It is important that you have a look and it is important to maintain it, the overall picture of your feed will convince future followers. Keep your feet clean. Don’t post too much different content and don’t switch between color looks and filters. To view your postings and content in the overall picture, it is recommended to use the “Planoly” app. Here you can, in addition to many other features, arrange and sort your planned pictures and thus decide which picture best suits your feed.

3 Hashtag is not the same as hashtag

But Instagram is not possible without the popular “diamond”. While a long time ago you should still use as many and only the most well-known tags, it is now better to limit yourself to five to ten. Be careful not to choose the most popular, as there is a high probability that your content will only be flushed out and, in case of doubt, not seen by anyone. Use hashtags that fit your picture and are relevant. To be correctly assigned by the algorithm, stay in one category. If you upload a food picture, it doesn’t make sense to use the hashtag “Travel”. However, you don’t want to be categorized as a robot either, so doesn’t use the exact same ones under each picture. Tip: link pages instead of just putting them under as a hashtag.

4 Action and reaction

Not only a basic rule in communication but also important as an Instagrammer, because Instagram is a community, just liking other pictures is not enough. In addition to your activity time, the algorithm also measures the interaction with followers and other users. An emoji or a single word as a comment is no longer sufficient. The longer the comment under your images, the more “relevant” the content is classified. Here it is absolutely necessary to react to comments received. Likewise, others look forward to long and meaningful comments on their pictures. This increases the likelihood that the person will also look at your profile and will follow you. A caption is required to respond to your postings, and long texts or questions encourage you to respond. In addition, you make sure that people stay longer on your feed, which gives you a greater reach.

5 Be Social!

In addition to communicating with other users, it is also important not to follow the usual “Tips & Trends”. Until recently, “bots”, groups in which you give each other likes and comments, were considered a trend. But most of the comments consist of repetitive content such as “great picture” and another emoji. The new algorithm recognizes these bots quickly and will deliberately limit the range of these accounts because they act like a robot. In the same way, you will be punished for the well-known “Follow – Unfollow” strategy. Shows interest in the content of your followers and accounts that have the same content as you and communicate. Don’t buy followers! Long-term success will not occur here, as this is recognized and prevented.

The most important thing is patience! Nobody gets 15k honest and loyal followers overnight. There is no recipe for success and there are a few more besides these 5 tips. You have to try out which strategy best suits you and an account and the important thing is – stay tuned!

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