5 Ways to Overcome Major Work Humiliation

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5 Ways to Overcome Major Work Humiliation

Humiliation at the workplace can lead to numerous career crises. An employee who is humiliated at work suffers from a lot of psychological disadvantages, which further affects the work station and eventually, the whole organization. But there are several ways by which employees can overcome work-related humiliation and carry on with their goals and aims. Five of such ways are listed below:

Reform the humiliation into something productive

Throughout their careers, many people go through ups and downs. And, yes, most of the employees face sheer criticism and humiliation at their workplace. Despite giving their best input, when employees are subjected to humiliation, they are riddled with negativity and demotivation. This causes psychological drawbacks in a person. But a positive attitude, while dealing with such humiliation, can become a shield against career drains. Considering humiliation as a new experience and learning from it is one of the basic ways to overcome work humiliation. And losing our temper and confidence, while dealing with it, can be quite lethal and disadvantageous. Hence, maintaining confidence and considering embarrassments as part of your work will help you to overcome pessimistic feelings.

Think of yourself as a part of the crew:

Another way to overcome the negative side effects of work humiliation is to think that you aren’t the only one who is subjected to such criticisms. Millions of people in the world out there go through daily humiliations at their workplaces. You are not the only one on the boat. Even at your workplace, many of your colleagues, heads, and even the one humiliating you must have gone through the same kind of humiliation or maybe worse. By thinking that you are not the only one who has ever been humiliated, you can effectively cope with the situation. After all, not everyone simply sends in their resignation letter and contact resume services to write them a career-change resume, after being humiliated. Indeed, work-related criticism is sometimes not worth leaving your ideal job. It takes guts, self-control, and a positive mindset to pass through all of it.

Keep your short-temperament aside:

 Many short-tempered people fail to deal with work-related humiliation and try to outgrow their ways with revenge or by speaking against the humiliation they are facing. Believe me, if you are one of them, then this wouldn’t work out. The key to deal with humiliation is to use a concrete strategy. At times, you shouldn’t speak back, as it can prevent the situation from firing up and might even add plus points in your favor. By speaking up against the one humiliating, you can place your current job position at a critical stage that can result in your resignation. Nevertheless, if you still want to speak or at least talk on behalf of yourself, then just TALK. Spilling the harsh beans and immoral words won’t do you any good. But, by talking and making the other person understand, you can effectively bring things slightly in your favor. 

Accept your flaws:

Many workers don’t own their mistakes, which molds up as a reason behind the humiliation they face. A very easy step to overcome or not even face work humiliation is to accept the mistakes you have done. Accepting and owning any intended or unintended mistakes can actually build effective security against humiliation. There’s always a chance to accept and acknowledge your mistakes, after being pointed out. And this can remove reservations against you from others’ mindsets. Withdrawing from your mistakes doesn’t produce any fruitful results, except for causing more problems and inviting criticism or humiliation. 

Let it go:

The last hack to overcome not only humiliation but any kind of work problem is to not think about it and let it go. By getting over and letting go of certain work problems, you can stay motivated and interested in the field you are putting your efforts in. Considering humiliation as part of your job and getting over it, as soon as possible, will let you grow and deal with other challenges, criticism, and humiliation effectively.

On the whole, when a person works in an organization he should expect such humiliation and harshness. By leaving our ego and pessimistic approach at home, we can literally lessen the side effects of such demotivating acts. Many people tend to take humiliating comments too seriously that they resign right away. But they don’t consider the fact that in every organization, humiliation and criticism comes with the package. Hence, you should not take such comments too seriously that you move towards a crisis in your career. 

Sophia Nike works in a software company as a Human Resource manager. On and off, she contributes to online platforms by writing various blogs and articles on a wide range of topics. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree to further elevate her knowledge in the field.

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