7 Most Beneficial Points About Turkey

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7 Most Beneficial Points About Turkey

It is the combo of the east and the west countries ..that why its traditional culture and way of living is also different and unique. Its geography and history are the mixtures of Greeks, Romans, Persians and more it depends upon them .. that why it holds the beauty of both.

The shining sunrise till the glomming dark night its full of love and peace. Besides its weather, there are so many famous and heart touching places where you should go and add more memories to your

The sultan museums and places, books places where you can easily find your type of book, the extremes markets with most welcoming people, beaches are mind-blowing, the blue mosque is the famous and the most visiting place and much more the story does not end here.

These are some places that excite you and force you to make your holiday more beautiful by spending them in turkey ..let me mention you some more and useful tricks and points about that place which can surely help you and make your vacation more lovely and unforgettable.


Normally people use tap water in drinking too but according to my advice it, not a good option. it is obvious that there are so many filtration systems and machines are places but it quite better to no to used as for drinking .. you can surely use it for boiling or washing.


It’s a bad thing about this that the traffic is so fast over there and just because of this problem so many people died and laid their lives. The traffic is soo fast that you can’t walk easily in roads or paths u have to strictly follow the traffic rules and point your eyes on the signals these are the main thing and fact that anyone should keep in mind while planning for turkey.


Well, the tea trend is so common over there and a lot of people, in fact, everyone likes tea .. and even they take tea 4,5 times a day or more. You call them tea lovers also .. If someone offers you Turkish TEA then don’t say no to them its the part of their culture so it is very necessary. And if you are done with your tea then put your teaspoon over your cup which means you don’t want more tea.


In Turkey, people are so much modern and open-minded so they welcome you by kissing on your cheeks its the trend of their country. They usually don’t feel shy and greet everyone in this way weather its a woman or a man. You can rarely find people who Kiss their spouse on lips in streets well it’s basically a french culture but kissing on cheeks in so common in Turkey.


Turkey is advanced country its capital and many other cities like Istanbul accept cards and it’s common over there but for local parts and areas you have you cash with you so you can easily buy anything .its a safe side, also its saves your money as you can easily pay the bills of buses, cottages, and food. And because of this, you can enjoy the street food of turkey also. and try to make proper security of your money and let it safe.


It’s quite common over there that you find street dogs or cats or any other animal in road and footpaths. They easily can roam all over the city and area. no one gets irritated and calls the responsible and the departments. it’s very natural and people accept them its the most satisfying thing about the people of their country. Its a proper documentary about the street dogs and cat which shows you that they are the main part of their country

Well here are some facts about this country which surely help you to roam all over the country without any problem and these are the basic points which everyone has to know. So now I’m sure you guys will definitely plan a Trip For TURKEY HAVE FUN

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