8 Essential Baby Feeding Gears for New Moms at Mothercare


8 Essential Baby Feeding Gears for New Moms at Mothercare

Right around 6 months, mothers start to give solid foods to the babies. How much will baby ingest? This is totally unpredictable. Mothercare knows the common issues and problems most mothers face. Therefore, it presents quality products for mothers and babies. The feeding gears are very important in this matter. Choose the affordable feeding gears for babies with a Mothercare Coupon. It is important to search all the categories. The category of “Baby Feeding Gears” will catch your attention at this online store. This is easiest way to discover the latest feeding gears with considerable savings.

Baby Bowl with Spoon

Mothercare presents a special bowl and spoon for the little tot. Are you worried about the spills? With the help of a specialized bowl and spoon it is possible to stop the spills. Yes, this bowl has a special bottom having a suction base. This suction base is very handy. On the other hand, the spoon has a soft tip (silicone based). This enables the babies to play with the spoon tip especially if they are developing teething gums.

Boon Squeeze

This is an essential feeding gear with a Mothercare Coupon 2019. This feeding gear enables the mothers to feed the babies with a single hand. This boon squeeze is so handy. Remember, it is 100 % food grade silicone. Is your baby habitual of taking things in mouth? Don’t take tension because this silicone based squeeze is safe. There is a special storage cap with this squeeze.

Baby Soft Bib

Bibs are very important for the babies. Mothers use these bibs especially during the mealtime. The soft bib has a special crumb-catcher. This soft plastic bib is easy to clean and wash. Mothers can put it in the dishwasher without any problem.

Original Squeeze

Nowadays, the portal baby food pouches are very popular. Do you want to have pouches of home food? Mothers usually love to pack foods cooked at home in order to ensure safety. Bring the original squeezes right now. These are reusable food pouches. These are easy to fill and wash. Pack the favorite foods of your babies right now. Mothers can wash them in dishwasher.

Food Storage Containers

The little baby cubes are getting attention nowadays. These are attractive to create the delicious foods. Mothers can easily cook and store foods in these cubes. It would be great to pack only 2-ounces in this container. Now you can defrost the food before the mealtime. Want this comfortable food storage? Coupon.ae encourages the mothers to explore recent Mothercare Coupon to shop these baby food storage containers.

Sippy Cups

Mothers usually love to bring the sippy cups whenever their babies start feeding solids. It is recommended to focus on the food grade materials. Never buy low quality plastic cups. It is also essential to see the products approved by dentists. The little ones will definitely try to chew the sippy cups while they take foods from them. The cups also come with magic seals.
These seals stop the food flow when the babies put the cups away after feeding.

Food Scissors

No doubt, scissors are dangerous for the little ones but these food scissors are very attractive. Cut the foods by using these ceramic scissors. Your tot will learn how to cut and eat foods. This chopping experience will make the mealtime more enjoyable.

Formula Bottles

Always keep the special formula bottles to enjoy journey. These bottles come with two separate sections (one for powdered milk + one for water). Press the button whenever you want to mix the ingredients. Try Mothercare Coupon at the Mothercare store to shop this incredible bottle.

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