A Quick Guide to Hire Digital Marketing Freelancer for your Business

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

A Quick Guide to Hire Digital Marketing Freelancer for your Business

Finding it difficult to select the ideal SEO Consultant for the business?.Yes, I understand that selecting a very good SEO Company is as tough as choosing a wife. A single mistake and you are ready to put your website, money and time in danger.It is extremely unfortunate that the SEO market is surrounded by people that follow dishonest practices. It will not be wrong to state that the SEO sector has many people who follow unethical practices. The old school search engine optimisation methods of 1990’s don’t work in 2020 Its no surprise that these freelancers still follow methods which can do more harm to the client’s site than good. Unethical approach to search engine optimisation is not what Google expects in 2020. But SEO companies and SEO freelancers still follow them and hence no results are achieved for the business.

Google Panda And your SEO Professional

Penguin was one of the first significant SEO update introduced by Google in Forth month on the year 2012. If your website acquired an unnatural link pattern, then it was impacted by this update. Google used to penalise websites with inferior quality backlinks before also. The actual difference is that earlier it was a manual penalty and today its is automatic using Google penguin. These types of dishonest strategies unfortunately used to work in the short term and hence the SEO companies used to make clients satisfied and make money. Using Black or Grey hat methods is almost suicidal nowadays with The search engines being very strict in penalties. Search engines penalties are not a thing that cannot be recovered. With correct info and ways this can be resolved. The way to look at the penalty for your web site is information in the search console. But I am almost 100% sure that you will get any emails for penalty then your SEO agency will hide or remove that. Believe me, you actually may never determine what is wrong with your web-site. Surprisingly, even when you change your SEO agency, it will not be simple for other people to figure out what the actual problem is and how to resolve the penalty problem. Full reports are usually needed to resolve the penalties quickly, however since you will not have reports, you will find things challenging.

Just Three things to expect from a genuine Digital Marketing Freelancer

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1) Content and On-Page is the Key.

Always think Long-term. Website seo is certainly a very long marathon and not a short term game.

It is not anything like Paid Marketing channel like Google Adwords. Pay Per Click will help you generate business leads in no-time by placing your advert on page one of Google. Google Pay Per Click provides a huge display network which could also be used for branding activities. SEO carried out the right way is also known as white hat search engine optimisation. If SEO can be done the white hat manner then the web site should not be penalised ever. search engine optimisation is the year 2020 and ahead is all about on-site search engine optimisation where features like header tags, meta-tags and content is key.. Our recommendation is to check if your present search engine optimization firm is actually performing job on these on-site and technical search engine optimisation factors.

2) Smart Link Building

Links are generally the backbone for ranking on high competition keywords. Link-building these days and going forward is all about connection and content. Is your SEO company building links the white hat way? That would be worthy of questioning. Also obtain a full report every 2 weeks to review the back links developed by them. 2 very good back links with website traffic is certainly better in search engine optimisation than 50-60 poor quality back links, that means high quality makes a difference in Search engine optimisation. Finding fantastic web-sites usually takes a lot of efforts and a good Search engine optimisation will always take time to find very good sites. It really is a time consuming task like a researcher.

3) Genuine Reporting

Professional SEO firm will always be transparent in revealing the reports for on-page and off-page. All on-site-on-page work should be ideally mentioned inside of a document along with before and after improvements and their times of setup should be reported in a report by your SEO freelancer|It would be great to have records in Google docs about on-site changes. I prefer Google docs due to the real-time monitoring benefit. Reports help you stay on top of your plan and closely keep an eye on the overall performance of your SEO freelancer. Google sheets are most effective for maintaining the back link reports. By any chance if you need to review the particular live back links, the record will be very beneficial.


Good SEO firm are always clear in reporting. If any firm guarantees first page ranking then that is an alarming warning sign and you should not work with them blindly. SEO firms should be thought of more like a partners who can increase the value of your organization, so it is important that you choose the business wisely.

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