Best Vacation Cities In Europe

Best Vacation Cities In Europe
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Best Vacation Cities In Europe

When it comes to traveling for vacation, what is the one place most people think of? Europe, right? Europe is one of the most popular vacation spots for tourists from any location. There are so many countries and cities to explore and delve in to. One popular vacation spot sits in Croatia as it’s second largest city, Split.


Split is located closer to the southern parts of Croatia, as well as lying on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Ocean. Split is also nearly completely surrounded by water, so if you love being near the beach, or even just having a view of the ocean from almost anywhere, Split, Croatia may just be the perfect vacation spot for you.

Bacvice Beach is said to be one of Split’s best beaches, where you can play a sport that actually originates in Split, Picigin. While in Split, there are many sights to see other than the beaches, including parts of the Old Town. In Old Town, you can visit one of it’s oldest landmarks from the 4th century, Diocletian’s Palace. Split also contains the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world, Saint Dominus Cathedral which was created in the 7th century.

Aside from local sightseeing, there is a place called Marjan Hill which gives you the most beautiful view of Split from above. Hotel prices may seem expensive when traveling, but in Split, prices for a five star hotel can range from about $150 to nearly $400. Split really is not an expensive vacation spot, or expensive living area, which contains about 250,000 residents. Split is somewhat of an expensive place to live, but still happens to be about 50% that the living price in New York, so anybody can look into purchasing a Split, Croatia property for sale if you feel like you can’t leave after visiting this beautiful location. Overall, Split is a must see vacation spot if you have any free time coming up.


One more popular vacation spot that can be considered to travel to is Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona also happens to be located on a shoreline, but the northeastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Barcelona contains so many sights to see just Split, Croatia does. One beautiful monument that is still in the making is Sagrada Familia Church. It’s said that once that church’s construction is completed, it will become the tallest church building in the world. Other than monuments and historic sights to see, Barcelona contains many amazing beaches along the coast that are available for visits, though they may be packed, any beach there is one to make a memory at.

One of the most popular attractions in Barcelona is Camp Nou, which houses it’s very own soccer team, FC Barcelona. The stadium is enormous and carries room for 99,000 spectators. The stadium gives tours on certain days if you decide to check it out, or even maybe attending a game if that sport is of your liking.

Furthermore, Split, Croatia and Barcelona, Spain are atop a list of places to carry a vacation at. Any city in Europe can be a vacation spot, but depending on your taste and likings, either of these places are recommended for you to tour and have a getaway for yourself as you learn each places history and heritage, or what foods they carry and so on. Keep these beautiful European cities in mind when you plan your next vacation.

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