Canada’s Safest City: Why You should Move To St Albert

Canada's Safest City: Why You should Move To St Albert
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Canada’s Safest City: Why You should Move To St Albert

St. Albert is a great city you will find in the Edmonton area. Before, it was considered as a Metis community and is now known as the second-largest city in Edmonton’s region. Father Albert Lacombe was the one who founded this town in 1861. He was the same person who built Father Lacombe Chapel situated in the Sturgeon River valley. In 1904, St. Albert became a town and 2 years after, the Canadian Northern Railway was built here for easier transportation.

Many people are considering St. Albert as the best option for relocation for good reasons. If you are wondering what is it like to live in St. Albert and why should you start moving now, here’s a couple of things to consider:

1. Plenty of accommodation options

Although St. Albert is a suburb of Edmonton, there are plenty of great choices when it comes to accommodation. If you want to own a house, you can find an old, decent home with a price range of $300,000-$400,000. In case you are fine with renting, you can look for affordable apartments that fit your budget. Expect that you will need to spend a significant amount of money on a new home if you are settling here for good.

2. Accessible transportation

If you are looking for a place with access to transportation, St. Albert is a really great choice. You can use St. Albert Transit (StAT) as this is the biggest transportation in the city. There is also an option to take buses if you will choose to relocate near the bus terminals. What’s great about moving into this city is that having a vehicle is not necessary. There are a lot of options to travel to your preferred destination. The road access to the Edmonton region is pretty smooth. So, if you are considering your budget in your relocation, this is a great deal already.

3. It is community-oriented

People who are looking for belongingness find St. Albert the greatest choice of all. One of the best ways to feel that its community-oriented is to read the local paper. There are numerous activities written on it every day and you may even find events that are interesting. Police highlights are also fascinating. Even small news like dogs getting loosed and being found on garbage areas are reported. You will find this community interesting and entertaining if you are ready to settle in a small place.

4. It is safe for your family

Obviously, your number priority when relocating is your family’s safety. Who would skip that requirement? Luckily, St. Albert is proven to be safe and secure for families. Police and authorities are attentive even to small circumstances. There is also a low crime rate here so it’s safe to assume that your kids and dogs can play outside without getting harmed. In fact, St. Albert has the lowest crime rate in the Edmonton region. The rate continues to drop every year and it’s a good indication that you are safe and secure to stay here.

5. It is great for nature lovers

If you are trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, St. Albert is a good selection. This place provides more than a couple of trees. It is a town packed with spacious parks, outdoor playgrounds, and conservation areas. Whatever you want to do that involves nature, you can do it here. For instance, you can go jogging, hiking, and walking down the streets of the town. You will find a hundred of spacious parks where you can bring your family for a Sunday picnic day.

6. It has the finest local food

It’s okay to cook at home especially if you are relocating on a budget. But considering that St. Albert has the finest local food in the region, you will want to try some of the local restaurants in town. You can visit St. Albert Farmers Market and shop and buy from more than 250 vendors who are selling delicious goodies perfect for food lovers like you. This market is known to be the biggest market in Western Canada so if you move to St. Albert, selections of food are not an issue anymore.

There are many reasons why you should relocate to St. Albert. St. Albert is clearly a great place to relocate. Its accommodation options, accessible transportation, safety, natural environment, and local food are all the things you should look for in a home. If you are still hesitant to move to this area, don’t forget to take into account the good reasons why it is the best spot for you and your family.

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