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The equilibrium ways to get a hygienic and a clean glamour with technology and science


It’s natural whenever we talk about beauty and its high classed products or equipment we starts to feel two types of things one is that these products are so pretty or girls are loving it on the other note we also thinks about those chemicals which are used in these products.. which really caused damaged to our skin .. the chemicals like phthalates which are used to soften the plastic is also used in making of cosmetic products ,hair spray,nail polish etc ..

Instead of all these issues we all need that cosmetic in our live but for that we don’t need to buy specially from a big store of companies like bobby brown or mac , or its also happens that if we buy from any where could not harm our skin actually don’t know who is the best for
Still .many of the products that are made in companies or factories cost double as the actual price .. its also the headache for the middle class community .
As we know that we have a big group of people who really like or love makeup and its products .. so here are some hints or tricks which can surely help you in choosing your makeup . After all we are living in 20 century its our right to know about everything .

Go along with watchdogs

The best we recommend is ewg skin deep organisation .. its about one of the first place you can run after or turn your move to it .. just search any product name and it will give you the complete package of information whether its harmful or not .. or their products are still a big question mark for all ..

EWG proves that many of the chemicals or things that the big companies are using in their products are not verified or known to the technology .. we are alerting you that every object is not safe until approve by science .

Its a rule made by EWG that if they don’t have proper information about any thing they alert people by their alarm . Its means they don’t have any idea weather it causes damage to you or not .so it depends on costumer that they give importance to the rules or actions that occur while getting information or ignore it .

Now the team of EWG also started to certified the products by giving tags or labels to them .. which u can easily find out that which is verified or which is not .overall behind these we make sure that everything will be perfect and in the eyes of costumer nothing will be secretly planned in order to just looted the costumer or make them fool .

Go with your skin specialist

Its better a save way to first go to ur skin specialist or dermatologist in order to find out what is best for you skin ..
There might be some clashes between dermatologist and EWG skin deep ,because skin specialist give some products to their patients that are used daily .. and in which are some are painful and some are less .

Like retinoid that are used in some products,is really harmful or dangerous according to EWG ..but still dermatologist give their patients and make it clear to them that use it in night not during day time or use it with sun-blocker because they also know that retinoids allow sun rays to enter to you .. and increased reactivity .

And of course there are a-lot of chemicals and ingredient which are not in the same page according to EWG and dermatologists ..so it good that you people are taking part in order to find the worth place or object to your self and searching it .. and show concern about all this . Many patients go to the doctor and says that this products is good for me or not ? Or should i use it ? These type of questions . That is really good and you don’t need to feel shame or hesitate because after all it’s a cost of your own .

Prefer natural ways ?

Is it helpful to run after the natural beauty ways .. or its cause also damage to you ? . Some people think that natural ways are so easy and worthy for you skin and make that mask or skin care products at home too ..

Making your own products with green element or mixing some unusual things can also harm you .. you don’t know that green plants contain formaldehyde that is most hazardous for everyone ..
beside this we can extract some oils from tress and use it on daily bases ,maybe they also cause damage to you eventually.

We should use natural things too but as our doctor advised us . Don’t be over smart and become your own doctor .. from now you feel like you are right but after some time your own ways can destroy you like it can cause allergic to you ,or appear acne on your face .. and many other toxins. Its your duty to take take of your own self.

Support your wallet by voting it

From last some years such parties are doing some unrealistic and shameful acts for the fDA’s authorities which are meant for personal care products .. but the capital is in our side and we are not sitting like a dumb and soon make it right ,meanwhile all are working for it to get a better solution ..and all the paraben -free products is also a main  


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