Common Mistakes People Makes When Going To The Gym

Common mistakes people makes when going to the gym” is locked Common mistakes people makes when going to the gym

Common Mistakes People Makes When Going To The Gym

Did you just start going to the gym?

Good for you because regular exercise and workout has a lot of benefits. But you can get those benefits only if you are doing it right. Many people start working out, make some of the most common mistakes and get dishearten due to the lack of results. Even worse, they injure themselves and stop working out.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common mistakes people make when starting gym.

Not being persistent:

Many people get motivated and decide to work out after reading an article or watching a video. But they are not able to leave their comfort zone and persist with their workout routine. Doesn’t matter if you are trying to build muscles or lose some pounds. Results are going to take time. The first thing you need in any fitness regimen is patience.

Getting too excited and lifting heavy weights

Many people make the mistake of ignoring their limits and lifting very heavy weights. You might be able to do some reps with weights that were too heavy for you. But this can result in serious injury. This is also true for other work outs like running or Yoga. You need to start slow and gradually improve. Do not try to compete with people who are doing it for years.

Not giving your body time and rest to recover

If you do get injured, avoid working out for some time until you recover. Do not ignore the pain or pulled muscles. The best results are achieved by giving your body enough time (and diet) to recover. If you are not allowing it to heal, you will risk injuring yourself.

Getting Advice from People who are not qualified

It is always best to work with a professional and qualified trainer. Many people make the mistake of listening to anyone they meet in the gym (or Internet). You might start wasting your time and energy on something that is not good. If you cannot hire a personal trainer, look for the workout tips and videos coming from well known trainers on the Internet.

Avoiding Compound Exercises

Lots of boys focus on chest or bicep and avoid working out their legs or thigh muscles. This is because they think that huge chest or arms will make them look good. Ironically, it is the compound exercises like squat or dead-lifts that can give the biggest boost to your muscle size. You will not achieve your fitness goals without strengthening your legs or back. Remember, strength lies in unity. So, you need to focus on the entire body instead of a select few muscles.

Neglecting the Proper Nutrition

There’s a reason we feel hungrier or thirstier after an intense workout. This is your body’s way of telling you that it needs more nutrition. And more nutrition is not about eating more. It is about eating right. You cannot eat a couple of burgers or pizzas and expect the junk food to do the job. Maintaining a proper diet goes hand in hand with the training.

Relying on Supplements or Steroids

Dietary supplements are fine but you must never think of using steroids to get quicker results. People take steroids thinking that it will do the trick. But they can do more harm than good.  Focus more on nutrient rich natural food. The results might be slow but at least you will not wreck your health and body with those steroids.

Setting the wrong priority

Looks and appearance matter but you shouldn’t be obsessed about your looks. The biggest objective of going to gym is living a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. It is not about getting those male model looks. Going after the perfect physique or look will result in disappointment but when you are going for fitness, you will know that each workout session is taking you closer to your goals.

Avoiding certain workouts

You might skip exercises that you can’t do just because you do not want to embarrass yourself. There’s no shame in starting with the least possible weight and getting better and better.

Heading to the Gym without any Goals

It is bad to have unrealistic goals and equally bad to have no goals at all. You must know what you want to achieve. Your workout routine and diet plan will differ with your goals. You will need different plan to build muscles and different one to lose weight. Know your goals and create an action plan to achieve that. Monitor your progress and discuss your results (or lack of it) with the trainers.

Bio: Mark Lango writes on health and fitness related topics for MrAlpha. You may visit the store for all sorts of fitness apparel, dietary supplements, gym bags, and other items for men.

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