Customized Pens That Help You Deliver Powerful Business Messages

Custom Pens

Customized Pens That Help You Deliver Powerful Business Messages

Some people believe that gifting pens for the sake of branding are an old-trick in the book that sometimes gives value to your business and sometimes doesn’t. However, don’t disperse the idea of using pens in your marketing campaign until you read this.

You may think that promotional pens are one of the least popular promotional items, but you could be wrong. They are one of the oldest and the most effective products that can help you lead to a significant return on your investment.

Custom Pens

With time, studies and researches have suggested that people keep custom pens for a long time and are more likely to pass it on to others once they are done using them. The brand impressions, as generated by pens in comparison to the other promotional items, are incredible.

This is a product that you can purchase in bulk quantity on just about any size of your marketing budget. You can purchase them in different colors and styles, and its reduced price allows you to buy more for the sake of handing out as freebies to your staff and your audience.

In 2019, Global Ad Impressions conducted a study suggesting that promotional writing instruments gather over 3,000 brand impressions over their lifetime, and the Advertising Specialty Institute believes that customization of writing instruments has improved the business, putting a new cap on the old bottle.

ASI also believes that technology has also given a thumbs up to an array of possibilities in the custom pen marketplace. As technology transforms, one can only imagine the places writing instruments could go.

Due to such transformation in the technology, there are 3D pens and stylus pens available in the market, and many companies distribute them with their business or brand logo.

Reasons to choose custom pens in your marketing campaign

There are many reasons to choose customized pens in your marketing campaign, but the most important is brand impressions. The primary objective of using promotional products is to get your name out there in front of your prospects and existing customers.

The more brand impression you get, the more chances are that people will remember your brand and become your customers in the future.

Malcolm Gladwell, one of the most remarkable journalists from Canada, believes that buyers make most of the decisions by depending on their impressions stored in the form of memories; feelings and image.

Keeping the statement of Gladwell in mind, why not create an impression to your customers that they remember your business logo for a long time? It is one of the most remarkable tactics you can use to brand your organization and get people to keep coming back.

Another research conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute suggests that custom pens are used kept by the people for as long as nine months. This indicates that your promotional pen not only creates an instant impression, but you also receive impressions that last for months.

Another fascinating insight about promotional pens is that 50% percent of the people that own custom pens are most likely to pass it out to others, once they are done using them, creating an addition of another six months of impressions with others.

ASI conducted some further researches and gathered informative insights about customized promotional pens. Some of them are as follows:

  • Writing instruments are the oldest and the most famous form of promotional products used by organizations around the world.
  • 90% of the consumers in the United States own at least one writing instrument.
  • Brand impressions for custom pens cost lesser than one penny.
  • 53% of the people believe that they will do business with the advertiser that gifted them with custom promotional pens and other products.
  • Customized pens are one of the top five most famous and the most influential products

So yes, branding is vital for achieving your business goals when you consider handing out custom pens and other promotional products to your customers. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, once said that if he were down to a dollar, he would spend it on marketing his business.

And if he had spent that dollar on promotional pens, he would have easily gathered 1,000 brand

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