Digital Printing, Everything You Should Know

Digital Printing, Everything You Should Know

Digital Printing, Everything You Should Know

Commercial printing techniques have evolved to cover different formats, many sizes and printing surfaces with which to respond to printing needs of all types of customers. In addition, a great differentiation arises between the two printing techniques, offset printing and digital printing, which arises to offer a further step in printing and a reduction of costs beyond any doubt.

Keep reading and you can check what digital printing is, the differences between it and offset printing as well as its advantages, always from the perspective of performing quality and economical print jobs.

What Is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is that type of printing done on printers that use ink cartridges or powder toner, printing using a beam of electrostatic current through an inkjet printer or laser printers.

Digital printing is carried out by means of printing machines that directly transfer the printing process from the computer or mobile device to the printer, being able to make small runs that do not need plates or additional costs, that is, they make custom prints on the most diverse media in A very short time.

Digital printing is evolving in recent decades toward you two clear trends: the small – format printing and digital large format printing, both streams being in full swing and with a spectacular evolution. Keep reading and you will find the main differences between digital printing and offset printing.

Differences Between Digital Printing And Offset

The main differences between digital printing and offset printing:

Copies: offset printing allows you to make a large number of copies in a short time with high quality while digital printing, despite not being as good as the first, allows printing small runs directly from the computer to the printing machine.

Type of machinery: in this aspect, digital printing clearly wins because offset printing requires printing plates while digital printing, when sent directly to the machine has a lower amortization, that is, the cost per print is much less. In this case, digital printing is very advantageous for small runs of advertising materials.

Print speed: offset printing achieves, in most cases, a faster print speed than digital printing. Thus, digital printing requires lower costs to start the activity, so offset printing for advertising works that require short production times is discarded, as is the case in most advertising printing jobs in the 21st century.

Paper: digital printing is aggressive with paper that offset printing when applying heat.

Advantages Of Digital Printing

Digital printing is used to perform short, fast and quality print runs, allowing us to make a very versatile and personalized print on a host of media: advertising canvas, vinyl, sublimation, posters, all imaginable media available to you with MojoSticker.

In addition, digital printing, with which we save time and money, allows us to make unique runs and the combination of all colors with white and black. Together with these advantages with digital printing we can change the role we work with in each job, providing digital printing with great flexibility. Do you have a project and do not know whether to use digital printing? Keep reading and we reveal the mystery.

When To Print In Digital?

If your advertising or editorial project is underway and you don’t know which print to choose, be clear, digital printing is your great solution, but why? The first reason is very clear, digital printing offers the possibility to customize editions at a very low unit cost. Attached to this reason we find another one at the edition level of its format: digital printing allows us to cover many types and, in addition, a wide variety of formats such as diptychs, magazines, books or catalogs.

Digital Printing: RGB or CMYK?

In MojoSticker, as a company specialized in digital printing in a variety of formats, we work with the two predominant color modes in graphic printing, both in RGB and CMYK.

Fortunately, digital printing projects can be sent in CMYK directly or, on the contrary, use an RGB color profile and perform the color conversion process. Thus, you can keep the embedded profile of an image or get rid of it and use the color profile of the printer, greatly varying the results. For all this, from MojoSticker we have calibrated digital printing systems that will offer the most exact color mode and true to the image represented, recommending the use of the CMYK color profile from the beginning of the digital printing project but, do not worry, Our printers have advanced color management systems to offer you the best results. Do not hesitate, trust MojoSticker your digital printing jobs, you will get the best results.

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