Escalate Your Co-Working Office With These 4 Designs

Escalate Your Co-Working Office With These 4 Designs

Escalate Your Co-Working Office With These 4 Designs

One of the best things that you can do with office space is to make it a co-working space. A place that freelancers and a handful of startups can use as their own office space.

Nowadays, coworking offices are incredibly popular since there are so many freelancers—those who choose to work in the comfort of their own home, or a place very near it.

Coworking spaces are one of, if not the best places for people to just relax and do their own thing. In most cases, you can even get some food and drinks while you’re there!

It’s like an office that you can live in. That being said, how else do you think can these coworking offices become a better place for freelancers?

It’s all in the design! Take a look at the many things that will improve your co-working office tenfold! 


The most prominent reason why people like coworking spaces is the fact that they feel like they’re not in an office at all. Coworking spaces should feel like just another place where people can hang out while also working on their projects.

There’s a difference between a coworking space filled with cubicles, to one that literally has a scattering of chairs and tables. Sometimes you’ll see the order in the chaos. It breeds creativity and collaboration. That’s what makes it so different from an office with cubicles everywhere.

People go to co-working spaces so that they won’t feel like they’re in an office. It’s that simple. It’s the feeling of being free from the confines of an office that makes a truly good coworking space incredibly unique.

Focus On Collaboration

One of the main differences between a normal office space and a co-working space is the fact that most offices have their teams separated by the walls of the offices. Co-working spaces have everyone in one place. Seldom will you see a coworking space with solid walls? If there were any, they would usually be separated by glass walls. People will still see each other.

This will already deviate from the very monotonous and greyscale surroundings of most corporate offices. There are so many people around you that are working. Sometimes, you’ll find friends, even business partners or clients!

When the space that you work fosters a sense of collaboration and unity, then all the other people will feel and embrace it!

That’s one of the best advantages of coworking spaces. It fosters a community of different minded people and they are more than welcome to help each other with their tasks!

Built-In Kitchenettes

To add comfort to an already very refreshing and flexible working environment, you have to provide something every person needs—food!

Yes, some places discourage the selling of food because just the scent of a freshly cooked meal can make people’s mouths water. But it’s still a pretty good addition to a co-working space because it adds two things.

First, It adds another something that will make the people stay there. They won’t need to have food delivered, nor will they go out just to buy food. They can order their food right then and there! Having food right around the corner while you’re working is always a plus. Having the option to have it delivered to your table is even better!

Secondly, these kitchenettes will almost always make the place feel homier—especially if there’s a sink where people can wash their hands or clean up their packed lunches!

These kitchenettes make a coworking space more home-like. It’s not something that every coworking space can pull off—since it would usually need a lot of space for the kitchen and the sink. However, when it’s added, it puts a whole new level of comfort and convenience to its customers!

Sofas, Carpets, And Pillows

If you really want to level up your coworking space, you should go further with the homey design by adding sofas and pillows—basically anything that would make your customers feel comfortable!

Bear in mind, however, that you must know your limit. You should always make sure that at the very core, it is still primarily a co-working space, not a place to hang out.

Add them but not too much. Make sure that your customers can be as comfortable as they possibly can while they’re staying there.

Key Takeaway

These four points are design ideas and principles that can definitely help level up your coworking space by a few points. They can increase productivity, retention, and convenience all in one go! Take note, however, that as long as you’re providing your customers a better place to work when compared to the typical corporate office, then you know that you’re doing your job well.

Remember the designs mentioned in this article and try to incorporate them into your coworking space soon!

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