How staying too busy affects you: a Guide on making the right lifestyle choices

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How staying too busy affects you: a Guide on making the right lifestyle choices

Chances are you’re too busy to even read this blog right now. And if that’s the case then you should start evaluating your lifestyle, starting from today. We all have a plethora of responsibilities, commitments, and reservations to deal with. But that doesn’t mean our health and lifestyle should be crushed in the way of fulfilling our duties. After all, work-life balance is simply not a cliché term. It’s a ledge on which you should stand in between. So how does being busy affect your lifestyle? And why should you take out more time for yourself? Let’s find out.

Effects of being too busy on your Lifestyle

You might think that sleeping for six hours a day, being always on the feet, and multi-tasking continuously is productive. While it is definitely demanding, a hectic lifestyle is not at all productive. Here’s why:

1. Stress and Anxiety

Stress is an involuntary response of the body that allows you to deal with perceived psychological or physical threats. While low levels of stress are actually helpful in enhancing productivity, prolonged exposure to stress and anxiety is actually lethal. When you have so many responsibilities, you are always on the rush. From deadlines to meetings, everything seems to revolve around in your head, even when going to sleep. And with stress, you are more likely to overeat or not eat at all, gain weight, make poor decisions, and even become prone to cardiovascular diseases.

2. Lack of Sleep

I mean there’s nothing to even argue on this point. Sleep is crucial for people of all ages, no matter what they do. We all spend a third of our lives sleeping and it’s actually worth it. A good night’s sleep allows your body to recover. But when you have a busy schedule, sleep is the first thing you will like to compromise upon. We all have pulled multiple all-nighters at some points in our lives. Be it for a college assignment, an important examination or office work. Heck, you might even skip sleep for Christmas Sale, despite having a working day in the morning. But if you don’t sleep well, you are exposed to augmented stress, irritability, memory lapses, increased heart rate, and even obesity.

3. Poor Diet

When there are multiple deadlines to meet and tasks to complete, you rely more on quick foods to relinquish your hunger. After all, it’s always better to respond to emails, then to sit with your family for dinner. Isn’t it? Of course, not. A diet cola, bag of chips, and bar of chocolate are snacks and not part of a healthy diet. Having a busy schedule also means that you hardly consume a good breakfast or rely too much on coffee and cigarette. But too much caffeine results in anxiety, withdrawal headaches, and fatigue. On the other hand, increased consumption of fat and sugar is linked with heart diseases and diabetes.

4. Lack of Exercise

Be it a 9-5 job or a freelancing one, most of the individuals work and earn money from the ease of their couches or chairs. And, in doing so, they forget how important it is to stretch their inactive muscles. Once the job is done, it is vital to rest. But for most of us, resting means lying on the bed carelessly and scrolling on Facebook. What we don’t know is the fact that exercise, even for 15 minutes daily, is a form of relaxation itself. Plus, if you don’t exercise regularly, you lose flexibility, strength, and shape, all together.

5. A loss of focus

When you are too busy, you tend to have little headspace for other thoughts. You are too focused on what you are doing, instead of seeking other possibilities that can also work out for you. In this way, you tend to set wrong priorities for yourself. Similarly, you are unlikely to take out time for yourself, track your progress, and evaluate your needs. In this way, you get stuck in an endless loop of responsibilities, without having an opportunity for growth.

How can you start living better again?

Now it is important to understand the ways by which you can make your busy lifestyle more productive and healthy. This is what you can do:

  • Take out time for yourself: Whether you spend time playing video games or buying online products on websites like, you should take out time for doing what you love, regardless of how busy you are. In this way, you will be able to take the well-deserved break from the burden of responsibilities.
  • Stretch your muscles: Hit the gym or go on a walk, just a 15 minutes exercise daily can take you a long way. You can try Yoga and even high-intensity exercises. Try getting up an hour earlier than usual to make time for exercise before anything else.
  • Eat Well: Start with reducing the consumption of coffee and all the unhealthy snacks from your diet. Replace unhealthy snacks with nuts, fruits, and granola bars. Try eating breakfast and dinner with your family. And, yes, say no to cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Turn off the technology: Yes, hit the bed early and put away your mobile phone or laptop. The more you are exposed to screens, the less probable you are to sleep on time. Check your emails and messages way before bedtime, so you sleep safe and sound.
  • Stay Optimistic: One way to deal with stress and anxiety is to expect positive consequences for the efforts you put in. By thinking negatively, you will be welcoming extra-added pressure only.

In Conclusion

Today, it is tougher than ever to cope with the challenges of the academic or corporate world. But responsibilities don’t mean that you are deemed to compromise on your lifestyle. After all, the healthier you live, the better you will be able to fulfill your responsibilities and commitments. So make sure to take out time for yourself and work on a healthy lifestyle. Happy living!

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