Importance Of Wedding Card Box

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Importance Of Wedding Card Box

However, Wedding cards are one of the essential pieces of arranging a wedding since they set the pace of what visitors are to expect on the big day while simultaneously helping them get ready for your occasion. Wedding cards are among the numerous things you need to consider when arranging your fantasy wedding. However, it is challenging to satisfy ladies with their wedding arrangements. From choosing garments to their venue, each and everything must be impeccable. Each and everything must be flawless as per their taste. So, it is not possible to forget about such a significant thing. However, Wedding cards are one of the most significant things at weddings. They should be unique and rich. These days wedding card boxes are in high demand. Therefore, the business of custom wedding cards is spreading quickly. The interest in these boxes is very high at a time.

The material of custom wedding card boxes

Different alternatives are given to redo your custom wedding card boxes. However, there are a lot of choices accessible to customization. But, the absolute important is the material. Variety of materials are available in the market. They are as follow

  • Corrugated
  • Kraft
  • Rigid
  • Cardboard
  • Cardstock

Cardboard material

Cardboard is a material that originates from cellulose or wood strands.

Moreover, this is the thickest type of paper. This material is supportable. Likewise, you can customize it as per your requirement. Cardboard has various kinds, and these are basic paper cardboard, rigid cardboard, double-wall cardboard, and triple wall cardboard. The basic paper cardboard is only one paper material. When contrasted with it. The corrugated cardboard has different layers of the flutes. This material is sturdy, stroke and strain evidence. Besides, the double-wall cardboard is a material that has twofold woodwind layers in it. The triple wall cardboard has three layers of flutes between the liners.  Its thickness varies according to the client’s demand.


The cardboard additionally has a second name that is spread stock material. This is the thicker type of simple paper and progressively adaptable. This material is more solid over a simple paper. The surface of this material is extremely smooth, and this material is this effectively embraces any coatings, shading, or foiling on it. Besides, the thickness of this material is customizable. Like, you can expand it as required by your item. Mostly, it comes in 14pt, and for cards, you can use it in 12pt thickness too.


This material has numerous properties like it is biological defensive material, light on the financial limit, effectively recyclable, and high quality. Moreover, this material is easy to cut with any sharp things like blade and cutters. Likewise, this material is puncher oppose material like easily bear overwhelming load in it.


This material is the stiffest material among the various sorts of materials. This material is difficult to twist rusty regardless of how much weight you put on it. It would tear apart yet would not form into another shape after you give it one last way. Moreover, this material provides a luxurious look to the boxes.

Things you need to know about the printing of the custom wedding card boxes

However, various options are available for printing to make your box more eye-catching and alluring. Printing is one of the main elements to make your boxes more attractive. You can write any image, logo, description, animations, or whatever you want on your box. Following are the methods available for printing

  • Digital
  • Offset printing
  • Flexography
  • Lithography

Digital printing:

Digital printing is the way toward printing advanced based pictures straightforwardly onto an assortment of media substrates. There is no requirement for a printing plate. Digital documents, for example, PDFs or work area distributing records, can be sent straightforwardly to the digital print machine to print on paper, photograph paper, canvas, synthetics, cardstock, and different substrates. Digital printing varies from conventional, simple printing techniques.

Offset printing:

Offset printing innovation utilizes plates, generally produced using aluminum, which is utilized to move a picture onto an elastic “cover,” and afterward rolling that picture onto a sheet of paper. It’s called offset because the ink isn’t moved straightforwardly onto the paper. Since offset press run so effectively once they are set up, offset printing is the best decision when more significant amounts are required, and gives precise shading reproduction.

Add-ons for boxes              

While, in addons, you can have embossing, debossing, PVC window, die-cut, and gold/silver and many other colors for foiling. Let’s have a short portrayal of addons.


Embossing is the strategy of making raised pictures and designs on paper and different materials.


Debossing is the strategy of making recessed pictures and designs on paper and different materials.

PVC window

PVC Window gives an immediate presentation to your item with bundling.

Die-cut window

Die-cut is the general term. Although, wherein pass on is offer to your custom boxes.


Foiling adds a lovely try to please item.


Coatings are available in matte, gloss , satin, varnish , Aqueous UV, spot UV and much more.

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