Internal Linking Guide to improve Website’s SEO

Internal Linking
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Internal Linking Guide to improve Website’s SEO

Internal links on websites are exactly like salt. The role salt plays in food is what internal links do for websites. You might keep your internal links not-too-prominent but, their presence is a must. Also, the internal link plays a supportive role in the websites.  

I know many of you have heard a lot about the internal links but, failed to imply this technique. Don’t worry, you still have a chance to grow and boost your website. By the way, if someone of you has no idea about internal links then still you do not have to worry. 

Here, we will assist each one of you equally. So, let’s start from scratch. 

Internal links are the type of links that assist in landing visitors from one domain to another page, particularly of the same domain. Feeling confused? Relax! Just go back into the down memory lane and recall the time when you were reading a blog and all of a sudden, a catchy headline grabbed your attention ‘Oh, this sounds something amazing’ this is what your felt. And, there you clicked that link immediately. Hola! You are on another page, maybe a service page of the domain? 

This is how it works. Whenever you see a few words or a sentence highlighted in between all those black inked words, these are the internal links. Now you got it? Why do we call it an internal link? Because it keeps the person captured in one domain while the pages keep switching. 

Ok! Now when you have gotten the picture, let’s jump into the details. Here, I will share the ways with which you could improve the website’s SEO through internal links. 

Play with content 

Since you can’t use salt as a whole source of food similarly, you need a source to mix your internal links with. For this, content works best. Do you know? There are many research paper writing services that are leading on the search engines right now. You must be surprised to know that how a website serving students with the services of assignment could do this? Well, this because they use internal links wisely. Opting for the blog posts is one of the effective techniques in this. Just work on producing maximum blogs or content in a day and start adding internal links. This way, your reach of visitors will start getting maximized and oh, your website would improve its ranking too. So, take this wise step and do it from today. By the way, please avoid adding TOO MANY links. 

Make it look real 

Do you know what? The first and foremost thing you need to assure is, the words or sentences you are linking must not sound or look too extraordinary. Yes, you need to assure this beforehand. Do you know how? For instance, if you are planning to add a link on 3 words which we call keywords, then do one thing. Try adjusting your words in a sentence with the complete flow. Also, ensure that even after being highlighted your words are not looking different. I know this is something challenging but at least, not impossible. You can take help from expert writers in this. The way you use your keywords makes an equal impact. I hope you understood. Take this brownie tip and along with this, search for the best ways of using keywords too. Thanks, me later! 

Persuade them to follow 

Have you ever come across those following links? The ones which indicate that you need to follow the website first, in action to get your eyes on the published information. This happens with most of us especially when we click on the site to take assignment help and to collect data. So, how many of you actually do follow it? I know the majority of you do because when we are in dire need of something we eventually do anything to get it. Yes, this is why this technique majority times imply on the informative blogs. What about you? By the way, please don’t think that only if you do not own a website for student hence, this technique is useless for you. No, it is not. It’s a trick which you need to do wisely. Making them curious could work best too.

Use anchor texts 

Before you get it into the ground, let’s warm up with some useful tips. These anchors links are best too. But, in this, you need to with a proper action plan. For instance, make a decision and plan that which links you will be adding on your page and which page would be getting treated with the bonus of internal links. This is a must-to-do thing. Besides this, make sure you are adding in the mid of your page. Not at the start, not at the bottom. The positioning of your links matters too. and in case, if you are planning to add two links then assure to create each one with a huge gap. If you add two links in a row then this might disturb the vision of your reader. You need to balance and make it look all smooth. 

Do not go extra 

This one is the tiny but most important tip. Please avoid making a cliché. If you did, you will definitely end up breaking your website. So, please just don’t and be wise with your choice and oh, with the quantity too. If your page has not more 600 or 700 words (content) then go with a single link. In case, if you are exceeding than 1000 here you can add two links (not necessarily). Justifying with the number of links is your own choice, all we can advise you is, not go too extra with your links. 

That’s all for the initial stage. If you are already practicing the act of adding internal links and still you are unable to boost your site then try evaluating your strategy. You might be repeating mistake which is impacting your website and as well as SEO too. 

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