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According to the news the taxes polices have been became so high and it cause the relations between the two states that why it a plan to move out apple from china. Apple is deciding to shifts their products towards South Asia. Around 16-30%  software hardware production has been transfer from china.


As according to the DONALD TRUMP. Huawei is sending such unsafe threats or try to frighten them .. so the dilemma started with trump and decided to black list the HUAWEI. The whole society have to face their various actions even the cell  phones are occur in a peculiar way .. important information are also spread all over the Chinese government all these done by the huawei.

The president DONALD TRUMP  imposed and increase the tariff over the products and the war between them can affect all over the country. The president said that even is the war will ended still Apple decided to move its manufacturing from china and shifted them to the other countries like Malaysia , Indonesia , India about more than half products Apple has already delivered to India and  chose Vietnam and India as the top most countries from their settlements foxconn said in the news its confirm that Apple will no longer work with china.

Apple is planning to take out about 30% of its production from china and this news is confirmed by the supplier the IPAD ,Pegatron which is a Macbook , foxconn and many other.

The Nikkei said in one news that about 30% of Apple manufacturing depends upon china and when they move out all of its production from china then a lot of will have to suffer this .. according to the report about 5 million people are engaged with this. They all will have to faced the worst of it. china has a very skill full workers. In transferring all the products and move out from china will take minimum 18 months and more. Its the expected time according to the committee. It can take more time too. But the lower cast have to suffer a-lot after this big decision.


According to the current situation as the reporters say about the  trade war between china and USA. Becoming worse day by day and no more chance for their recovery so its better to take all of their products, or things out of china and better to settle them in other countries .. the foxconn chief Liu ,said that about quarter of the manufacturing expertise move from the homeland.

Now Apple worked so hard to put their products in south asian countries and try to make better relations with them ..Around 30 number of people are gather at one place and talk about the suppliers and providers about all this settlements .. They are try to communicate with the government and put their introvert efforts to make it happen as soon as possible . 


As the report says the common trade war or import and export business is not only the measure reason off all these .. Apple is totally dependent on chinese and taiwanese industries .. because they full fill their requirements and needs .. and that the main issue face by the Apple to modify its manufacturings in other states.

Its a fact that about more than half of Apple products are dependent on china and gather at china ..last year Apple called a team of their main providers to discuss about this .. as per reporters Apple has a clever mind and a sense about the trade war ..The famous supplier the Macbook and the I-Pad recently move its productions towards indonesia .. 
The trade war is also the reason behind the action .. the conflict between two countries became so worse . USA destroy the huawei company because of the dispute .. and they also planning another taiwanese brand to shut down.

Huawei starts terrorising and sending threats to US according to the report of hosing intelligence committee. and after all these dangerous actions the reaction of google is mind blowin . The Google decided no to work with huawei. well after so much discussion its still a question that whether Google is ready to work with huawei or not ?! And Apple decided to modify its manufacturing in other states.

China is the main stop for the apple productions and its totally depends upon it. but as the recent news china is country where the birth rate is low and the cost of labour is high so its not such a good news for Apple .. its also the main reason behind shifting its manufacturing’s towards other countries. The chairman of foxconn is also pushing Apple to move out its work from china. now its become a mystery for all and the very interesting thing that after all these actions and reactions  how the conflict between trade war effects!

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