Poland! Perfect Place For Vacation

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Poland! Perfect Place For Vacation

Basically its the innermost part of Europe which is covering by the brackish sea known as the baltic sea. And so many other countries like Germany, Russia and many more. 

The word Poland means, live in the unlocked area .. and its truth also, that here people are allowing to live their life as they want .. so it an interesting fact too. 

It has very unique and unbeatable areas and things that you should visit .. Poland has forest, largest castle, beaches, there epic construction and endless creations are worthy. 

The food is mind-blowing .. the texture and the flavor of food are mouth-watering , you will never find this kind of dishes and the aroma of food will fresh your inner soul.



Our favorite places to visit .we all really want to visit the fairies places and their castle. Malbork is one of those who is really huge and beautifully done by the workers. The establishment was fabulous.

It is really wide by the range and the area is extremely far. it is also known by the national museum of Poland. 

The shape of Malbork castle is really different from all museums. It makes its own beauty and attracts people to come and survey it.


 Very impressive construction of the area .. no one can blink an eye when stand in-front if it .the creation is outstanding but it was vanished by the dangers of second world war.

But now Poland made ur again the best and the lovely place to survey or visit it.
A lot or things to do in Krakow and the range if things and places is to wide but i want to suggest some of it that you should  go and enjoy their existence.
~ the Vistula river cruise : will differ love the river and feel the environment with you  soul 
~ krakow historical museum : will know about some historic moments of this place 
~ the cloth hall : it’s basically the oldest shopping place..
~ Wawel  cathedral : really inspired by the construction of this palace.
The oldest town of torun has made the beautiful site of Poland.. the barbaric construction help you to feel fresh .these building and towers has been added to the world most beautiful creations and architectures.
This is one of the luckiest place which was not damaged or destroyed in world  war 2 .. its become the historic place for all 
The early buildings covering all over the medieval town and become the vest picture to show all over the world. The mysterious creations will give the reason of being here.
Its our responsibility to not make fun over here or take selfies or make noises .its a place of respect, silence, and Grievousness. Here we should make prayers to those to led their lives for the sake of there motherland. In worlds war 2 millions of people died.
As more you go inside you will find out the children clothes ,their small shoes ,suitcases ,home things ,kitchens items and many more .. the whole museum is decorated by the things which belongs to those people who was vanished in the war . 

That was the most heart touching moments of someone lives. No one can feel exactly the same pain . Which was those people go through but still we  have the soft corner in our heart and after seeing it our eyes will definitely filled with tears. And we all pray that this kind of horrible behavior will never happen to anyone .. will destroy all the humanity with it . Be kind and always good to others.

The highest mountain of the Poland and the most beautiful ..people come here whether they know how to climb or not they enjoy the weather over here.

The mountains hills covered with snow in the winter season .. the couple should go and enjoy their leisure time.

Morskie Oko is just  of 3 hours distance .. families can either go by the horse carriages ..its more suitable in the slope mountain.
The main point is you have to go their early in the morning otherwise you won’t get place to fix you leg.so many people come here to enjoy it and many of the people are here for specially hiking.
One the biggest amusement  park for children. Those you planned vacation of Poland along with their kids have definitely visit and enjoy the fun moments of this place.
So many swings are planted over here .. the biggest roller  which we all love ..the water coaster , slides for kids and young’s too, attractive things and so many interesting games.
You can find food and snacks in very reasonable prices over there . Its really excite the kids and boost up their energy level ,it also help to feel fresh and childish to the old ones . They also enjoy it as a child.
It just half and hour away , if you are the bravest or get more dangerous slides or coasters you should not miss that Europe mega coaster.


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