Top 12 Tips How To Save Money On Your Birthday Cake

How To Save Money On Your Birthday Cake
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Top 12 Tips How To Save Money On Your Birthday Cake

Over the last few years, birthday parties have become very large fancy affairs and can be extremely costly to organize. Large designer birthday cakes can cost a lot of money and it is important to save money wherever possible. The following are some of the tips for saving money while buying birthday party cakes:

How to Save Money While Buying Birthday Cakes

Buying a Simple Cake

A designer “birthday cake” from the bakers can be expensive but buying a regular round or sheet cakes can help organizers save costs.

Take Quotations from Many Bakeries

There are many different online cake home delivery bakeries and cake shops in town and the price range vary from one bakery to the next. Take quotations from different bakeries and pick the bakery that is reputed and yet offers the best prices and discounts.

Buttercream Instead of Fondant

There are plenty of decisions to be made while picking out a birthday cake and it can be a smart choice to pick the less expensive options at every stage. For example, buttercream is as fabulous as fondant but it is cheaper options and using buttercream will save money in online cake order and delivery. 

Decorate With Flowers

Decorative elements on cakes can be very expensive as it requires a lot of artistic work to decorate a cake. A plain cake can be decorated by using fresh flowers which can then be removed while cutting the cake in slices. 

Deconstructed Cake without Decorations

Small mini cakes or deconstructed cake option is much easier for the cake bakers to make and so it is a cheaper option than elaborately constructed birthday cakes.

Choose One Simple yet Popular Flavor

Tiered cakes and large cakes with different flavors in each layer are expensive. People like some popular flavors like chocolate, vanilla, black forest or pineapple and it is a sensible choice to pick one flavor to save costs.

Homemade Decorations

Order cake online in a simple design and then use homemade icing or buttercream and other decorative items to do the cake decorations to save costs.

Do Not Order a Very Large Cake

It is important to consult with the baker and only order the amount of cake that is required for the guest list as ordering an extra cake is wasting money at the birthday party.

Opt For a Simple Shape or Design

Elaborate designs with different elements, tiers and decorations cost a lot more money than simple shapes and designs. The main attraction of the cake is its taste and opting for simple designs can make birthday cake home delivery cheap.

Small Display Cake with Extra Cake Sheets

Birthday cakes for a large guest list at a party can be expensive and it is a good idea to order a small designer display cake and then order cake sheets separately in the same flavor to feed the guests.

Add the Cake in the Catering Package

Birthday parties are usually catered by professionals as there is a lot of food required for such parties and it is a good idea to get the caterer to include the birthday cake as part of the deal.

Make the Cake the Only Dessert

The cake is a sweet dessert and not many other desserts are needed at birthday parties and making the cake the only dessert will save money.

The above-mentioned tips help the birthday party organizers save money on birthday cakes.

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