Top Working Features of TheOneSpy for Employee Monitoring

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Top Working Features of TheOneSpy for Employee Monitoring

In businesses, employers require quality work, performance, passion, and a true commitment from employees. But usually, employees do not perform well and do not pay commitment by wasting their working time in useless activities. Therefore, employers feel a need to encourage their employees or enhance their productivity. Then, the employers take actions to maintain the discipline.
The question here arises how they monitor their employee’s activities, normally organizations get employee performance through feedback and self-assessment, but now it has become easier than before because of spy applications. TheOneSpy employee monitoring app enables employers to secretly monitor their employee’s activities.

TheOneSpy Employee Monitoring Application

When we talk about monitoring activities of employees, TheOneSpy ranked at the top in employee monitoring applications. It empowers employees to get their hands-on employees all devices, whether Android, Windows, MAC, iPhone or iOS. It’s user-friendly features allow a user to monitor any activity on-demand or to get a history of the activity. Because of its highly committed customer care representatives, many corporate businesses are efficiently working with it. The installation process is so easy so that users can start instant monitoring from the cloud.

Top Working Features for Employee Monitoring

With its efficient and robust functions, it allows employers to conveniently surveillance the employee. Employers can see that their employees are fairly using company devices. Frequent use of devices can damage their devices, or use of a device in cyberbullying,
cybercrime or threatening someone of someone threatening them, these all can monitor easily, and the company can act timely.

There are some features, which users can see the entire activities with spy app for employees.

Call Logs
The employer can listen to all incoming and outgoing live calls of employees with true time stamps. It helps to see if the employee is discussing some secret things with a competitor or unknowns or wasting time in useless talks during working hours.

Message monitoring
It empowers the employer to a view to whom an employee is sending texts or who is sending a text to them, if someone is threatening them or if an employee is leaking company information so the situation can control through remote access to the targeted device. Employers can block a person or locate them as well.

Spy on contacts
It allows viewing all contact numbers saved in the company device. If someone is unknown or employee contact unknowns again and again, so a company can delete numbers remotely or can trace a number.

GPS Location Tracker
GPS location tracker enables the employer to view live location if employees get out of sight and go outside without permission during working hours so the company can locate them. Or the employer can get history later to view weekly, monthly, or yearly visited places of employees.

Browsing History

If a user visits inappropriate sites and waste their working hours, so the employer can track it, the employer can block those specific sites remotely.

Multimedia tracker
Multimedia tracker gives access to gallery photos, videos and audios in a device. If there is any inappropriate thing or violent content, so the company can take actions on it.

Live 360 Surrounding Recorder
User can listen to surrounding sounds during employee presentation or if employees go anywhere or hang out with friends so it can hear through a surrounding voice recorder.

E-mail reader
E-mail reader allows the employees to get access to received and send emails. If an employee is sharing secret files or folders, it can be timely control.

It enables the employee to put an alarm on restricted areas where an employee may not go during duty. If it does so the administration can act.

Password chaser
Password chaser enables the employee to track all passwords of any account, so the employee can see if an employee is doing something against company rules and regulations so company management can control the situation before it gets critical.
Social media monitoring
All social media apps used by an employee can easily track and the user can view what is their employee’s activities there.
Final Thoughts
Every corporate sector faces the problem of employee dishonesty and lack of performance, that’s why companies feel the need to monitor their employees. The spy employee monitoring apps help companies to track their employees all activities secretly and can take legal action with proof if it gets harmful for the company.

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