Using Rope Access To Detect Leaks In Your Building

Using Rope Access to Detect Leaks in Your Building
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Using Rope Access To Detect Leaks In Your Building

Have you seen the distress of floods on buildings? Or perhaps, you have been affected by one? Often times when people think of water damage in a building, they think it’s due to an internal source, like a leaky water heater. However, this is not always the case. Water damage isn’t always caused by the interior of a building, but rather elements like water, sleet, and snow.

Water damage is one of the biggest dangers a building can face. Each day, an estimate of 14,000 people in the US will have a water damage emergency, and 44% of all claim dollars are put towards water damage in Canada. Rain and snow can cause disastrous leaks like pooling. It can overflow to the highest high-rise. If left alone, it can cost you thousands!

Rope Access & How it Helps

Rope access is a specialized technique used in climbing and caving. It’s practical in reaching hard to reach places without the use of scaffolding, cradles or an aerial work platform. When it comes to commercial water damage there are three beneficial ways that make it valuable – prevention, detection, and repair.

Prevent Leaks

Prevention is vital – do not wait until it’s too late! You can actually keep dollars in your wallet by avoiding massive overhauls and costly bills. Regular inspection should be considered for maintaining a healthy building. A leak prevention system is vital! Rope access inspections are an efficient method used. It can help prevent leaks by,

  • Finding the potential leak
  • Access hard to reach places
  • Ensure proper caulking and sealing is placed
  • Ensure flashing is installed correctly

Detecting Leaks

Do not wait for a serious repair – detect it before it’s too late! Unfortunately, many leaks are found after the fact, however, the best detection is prevention. Rope access consists of experts and services that can help detect and provide the best solution.

Would you go to a dentist for a broken leg? Of course not! If there is a suspected leak or if someone is not sure, an appointment can be scheduled for easy inspection. There are no amateurs, once an expert is contacted – it’s handled with precision. Be sure to inspect your business or residence.

Leak Repair

Leaks should never be ignored. The longer you wait – the costlier it becomes! If you suspect a leak, see what is going on. You can start by ensuring that no water is being used in the building; record the water meter reading, wait and check again. Check the drain tile for blockage; check floors and walls and investigate any drips and moisture. If you notice that it is a simple fix, caulking is an affordable option.

How caulking can be used to prevent leaks

A commercial property owner should know that exterior maintenance is important. Neglect will have costly ramifications. Gaps and cracks should be examined at least once a year for commercial buildings. An inspection will find threats to the structure. It will ensure a building is watertight and airtight.

Caulking and Sealant

Often times, the words caulk and sealant are misused but there are differences: Caulking is best used in areas that do not expand or contract. I.e. around doors and window frames. A sealant is elastic and can be placed in areas that experience expansion and contraction – brick, wood or metal. The elasticity of a sealant will prevent it from cracking or breaking when materials expand.

Flashing Installation

Ensure flashing is properly installed. It will guide water away from a building due to its impervious material.


Routine caulking has long-term benefits. You will save money against possible water damage and energy in your heating and air conditioning. The value of your property will be good with intact structural integrity and even insects will be kept at bay. For more information about caulking visit: Why Routine Caulking is Needed on Commercial Buildings in Epic Rope Access.

Book Regular Inspections

Rope access provides the best protection for your building. Once an inspection is made it is important to have it regularly. It will reveal concerns that warrant action. Caulking and sealants should be examined as it provides details concerning any threats. Water damage can be the downfall of your business. Make it your goal to keep it stable, comfortable and safe.

This article was written by: Josh Shankowsky with Snap SEO

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