What Goes In A Successful Digital Signage Network?

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What Goes In A Successful Digital Signage Network?

How do you sell your products? How do you make them more attractive? Do you know why people buy from your store? If you don’t know how to answer those questions or have the answers, but you’re not satisfied with your business sales, it’s time to start thinking better about your strategies.

One solution that can improve the outcome of your business and also improve the consumer experience at your point of sale is to use the digital signage network. This post will help you understand digital signage solutions and some strategies that will help you increase sales.

What is a digital signage network?

Digital signage is touch screens strategically located either inside or outside a company or business, usually used to interact with customers offering information on their products or services. This digital signage network has positioned itself in the world market and with companies that compete with each other.

Digital signage is a part of their strategy to get customers and increase their sales opportunities. It should be noted that the actions must be aligned when it comes to digital strategy to achieve a complete experience that produces an impact. This is because 68% of consumers agree that digital advertising influences their decision to purchase the announced product.

Digital signage increases business sales by 32%.

The virtual era strengthens companies when it comes to giving more publicity to their businesses in this way. Increasing competition is a challenge, and that is why, according to their needs and projections, we should update our business model with the help of new technologies. Currently, companies are developing in a world where competing and making a difference are key to success. However, not everything is to attend a claim or change a product.
Now it’s about implementing new tracking mechanisms, CRM, applications, or digital tools such as digital signage, which manages to increase sales by 32%.

Digital signage helps businesses advertise.

According to a study, the consequences of not having a successful customer service strategy could cost companies up to 20% of annual revenues, which can represent a large sum considering that every day, there is more competition in the business sector. Due to the rapid growth of the business world, it is essential for any organization that seeks to expand to be aware of the value of implementing new strategies and technological tools that help its development in the market or deal with the competition. Digital signage solutions allow you to provide a better customer experience positioning yourself in your mind.

Digital signage solutions attract more public.

The more people enter your store, the more opportunities you have to create the right image for your brand and increase sales. If you are in the shopping or on the street, what makes you enter a store among so many options? What causes you to choose something? First impressions are also crucial for business. They are those that may or may not arouse the interest of the public. In the case of retail, it is the counters and the facades, merchandising,
which must be invested to make an excellent first impression.

There are different tactics to create a successful merchandising strategy. Like how to understand seasonal marketing to place products in view of consumers at the point of sale, including different objectives such as guaranteeing the sale of those products or attracting new customers.

In this scenario, the use of digital signage comes into play! Whether with video walls, LED screens, or LCD monitors, you have several options to provide innovation, you need to attract your audience to the point of sale.

Digital signage improves the customer experience in the POS (point of sale).

Imagine entering a store, and a seller is at your side all the time talking about product news, promotions, and loyalty programs. For those who are not yet ready to buy, that situation can be irritating and even annoying. Communication with your client must be spontaneous. It is more interesting when the buyer is interested in your product and not vice versa. Now imagine being able to chat with the customer at various times during your purchase process in the POS without inconvenience. This is the power of digital signage in retail. Some examples:

 Put LED screens at the entrance to spread the news of your POS.
 Use screens inside the stores to indicate other products according to the customer’s location — for example, women’s clothing, show promotions of accessories and shoes.
 Display in the rows of the boxes promotions and benefit programs, such as store cards.
 Communicating with your client through digital signage is more flexible, and so you can maintain a spontaneous relationship. The screens will be present at different times of purchase, but it is the public that decides when to start or stop watching your campaigns.

Here are some ideas to use digital signage solutions:

  1. Promote products better

Maintaining contact with the customer is essential to strengthen your brand, build trust, and promote sales. However, these results can only be obtained if you invest in your creativity to engage with your audience. The digital signage allows you to turn to different types of content, such as videos, high definition images, and animations.

2. Expand the scope and generate more sales

Since digital signage is considered to be 400% more effective than static signage owing to the fact that it attracts attention and transmitting relevant messages according to the consumer’s lifestyle.

3. Customize your content

An issue that has emerged in several markets is innovation. We get information very easy, we share very fast, and then things become “outdated” more quickly. In retail, the story could not be different, although it is worth remembering that digital signage comes as a solution. With digital signage, you can create a schedule and display various information on the same screen.

 We have some tips that could be useful:
 Create campaigns with product recommendations from the same store staff;
 promotions of the day according to the inventory or event;
 Celebrate commemorative dates.

  1. The digital signage network is not just one option among several strategies that you can use to increase retail sales. Therefore, for a business, these are some of the main benefits achieved by implementing a digital kiosk strategy:

 Improve the shopping experience by providing detailed information on prices, availability, and comparison of products and services in HD quality.

 Save time and show the consumer that the company is using the latest technologies to improve their shopping experience.

 Streamline aspects of the business that typically require human interaction, such as receiving job applications, paperwork, records management, or purchases, as the consumer can perform multiple tasks in a single multifunctional kiosk, which offers efficiency and satisfaction.

Digital signage network software is a profitable method to accelerate the growth of the establishment. Connect with our digital signage company today.

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