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” Healthy breakfast or not ” Really depends at what time your are waking up


Mornings are really beautiful for all its the start if your day , so instead of wasting it by sleeping ,wakeup and feel that essence of life that morning gives you , the weather is opening its arms to give you best hugs. And besides all these a good breakfast can definitely make your day .

Its really important to know about the good and healthy breakfast that what should you eat .. but also depends upon whether you waking up early or not .. still everyone need breakfast of course So want to have some diet plan for morning ?. Here we go

For regular exercisers

We have variety of people who wakeup early in the morning and do exercises or yoga and personally i also think we all should wakeup with the sun and give time to our body and make it feel relaxed taht all what exercise do .. after that so much hard work no one is like to wait fir the breakfast ,they immediately need something to eat or to calm down their appetite..

For all the early hardworking oatmeal is the first and the best thing to eat . It is nutritious ,help to loose you weight , boosting up your metabolism ,controls your blood sugar level too .. and many more . Or you can take greenish things after exercise . You can make oats in so many ways like add some cinnamon because it can also help in loosing weight ..

Love gradual mornings

If you are a person of soft and quiet starting and just want to make it light ,don’t get any hard work and doo light yoga or do some relaxing meditation So you also need a light food or breakfast in morning ..

You should have fried beaten eggs cooked in olive oil ,this oil make food delicious and really healthy for your body and make it interesting so add some fruits or veggies slabs.

The lazy persons

As we know that their the numbers of people who sleep late at night specially the youth .. and still after completing the 8 hours sleep which is enough for every person they feel like they just slept a while before .. those having this kind of habits or facing these situations should add caffeine in your diet.

Caffeine can balance your introvert system .. caffeine in a day may control your laziness, reduce you sleep hours and make you feel fresh . Along with caffeine take some toasted bread with some honey it’s quite a better option or add some peanut butter or nuts so make it more delicious and healthy .

Running late ! Well its on trending

Now its become a trend or fashion everyone getting late for their work and that why sometimes they don’t have time to eat breakfast . So for them shakes ,smoothies are better option.

Make banana shakes ,mango shakes even a dates shakes is also good for your health and easy to carry everywhere .. you can make smoothies with apple cider vinegar, take avocados and fruits in hand looks classy and healthful ..

Addicted to late night parties

Waking up late and enjoying parties all night long can make you so much careless or not good for you health too .. junk food can destroy your inner parts ..fast food damage your chest .. and make you un energetic and also affect you skin.

Instead of all these oily foods you should take vegetables sandwiches or tacos .. add green veggies boiled potatoes ,spinach, black pepper salt and make a healthy sandwich .. its makes you full and for a long time your stomach need nothing ..its a advice not to run after those oily and unhealthy fast food and make your diet better with the help of natural things ..


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