Writing An Essay Efficiently: A Complete Guide

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Writing An Essay Efficiently: A Complete Guide

As students (and even as adults) we all have come across the term “essay” or “essay writing.” We’ve obviously penned down hundreds and thousands of words on various subjects, throughout our lives, as students. Yet, essay writing is a craft that requires a reasonable amount of writing skills, which all develop over time if one is aware of certain key elements – the ones that we’re about to discuss shortly. But, before discussing the ingredients behind a successful essay, let’s dive into a brief discussion of what an essay is really about, as well as its types.

What is an Essay anyway?

An essay, fundamentally, is a piece of writing or a document that illustrates the author’s perspective, argument, story, opinions, and thoughts, etc. in an organized way. An essay serves all sorts of purposes, like presenting critical analysis, conducted research, corporate memo, political manifesto, scientific observations, and even personal experiences or story of the author. It all comes down to whether it is a formal or an informal essay.

Formal and Informal Essays

An essay can be classified into two categories, formal and informal. A formal essay is one that discusses serious and research-based subjects, such as political issues, human rights, and current affairs in new technology topics, in which the author presents several arguments, supported by various references and articles. On the other hand, an informal essay is rather subjective and includes regular topics, such as personal stories or experiences, self-development/revelation, personal tastes, opinions, and humor, etc. An informal essay is a reflection of the author, rather than an analysis. It gives the author freedom of thought and it is free from all sorts of objective limitations. It lets one think out of the box and write something creative and artistic.

So now that we’re familiar with the basics of an essay and its types, let’s move forward and have a take on the basic steps that are vital in writing an effective essay.

1.   Choosing a Topic

When it comes to writing an essay, the topic is what makes it all interesting. Usually, when teachers assign essays, they specify the topic to write on. But, sometimes, they leave it up on the students to decide the topic of their interests and make it riveting enough for an essay. However, the latter is harder to do. After all, there are so many topics and problem statements on which you can write. Therefore, it is necessary to know what criteria suits you the best. You can select a topic that you think needs to be discussed or people must know your opinion on it. It can also be an idea that you think would be beneficial to be put out. On the other hand, it can be an explanation or tutorial of completing a particular task as well.

2.   Preparing an Outline

Once you’re done with selecting a topic for your essay, it is essential to create an organized outline or diagram of your ideas onto a sheet of paper. In this way, you can keep track of how your essay needs to be carried out. It acts as a base or a structure for your essay, which helps you to write more effectively and flawlessly. Generally, all you have to do is divide the essay in headings and write bullet points under each heading regarding the ideas you will cover. Consequently, you will be able to direct your research in the right direction. Most students divert from their topic or fail to do proper research. This is all because of poor planning. Therefore, this is a very important step for writing an A-grade essay.

3.   Making It Verbose With Simpler Words

Vocabulary matters a lot when writing anything. It makes any piece of writing seem elegant, which can invoke a good first impression on the reader. But it doesn’t mean that you should overfill your essay with complex words to make it more verbose. You don’t want your reader to look up a dictionary at every other sentence, do you? It is, therefore, ideal to use simpler, everyday words that are easy to understand and at the same time, aren’t mediocre. Understanding the concept of wordplay helps a lot in making your essay more persuasive and fun to read. Even the world’s best scholars, teachers, and the most successful https://affordablepaper.co.uk do not use hefty vocabularies in their essays.

4.   Formatting And Layouts

An important aspect of an essay – or any piece of writing – is its format or layout. If your essay looks like one big trail of words, it won’t make that much of an impact on the first glance, and would rather look messy or congested. Therefore, it is best to break your essay into several paragraphs by adding headings and even sub-headings, which makes it more presentable, as well as easy to read. Accordingly, a good brainstorming or planning can help you with this step. Good formatting also means that you have divided your word count properly amongst paragraphs to improve the overall outlook of your write-up.

5.   Edit, Proofread, and Overview

This final step is probably the most crucial one and you should not skip it for the world. No matter how beautiful your essay may look or how many paragraphs you’ve written, there’s always room for improvement. This is why it is highly important to edit your essay as much as you can. You should read your essay over and over and edit any parts that you feel come off dull, blunt or uninteresting. You don’t want your reader to get bored halfway through. By editing your essay, you can refine those blunt parts and crisp them up. Similarly, typos, grammatical, and spelling mistakes come off as lazy or unserious writing, which can highly affect your grades. Consequently, you should always proofread your content, until there are no mistakes or loopholes to be found. Finally, before submitting your assignment, you should overview it one last time until you’re fully satisfied that your content is persuasive and flawless.


And there you have it! Your guide to becoming a great essay writer! To be fair, writing takes time. In fact, a lot of time. You cannot always pull off an A-grade essay in a single night. Writing good content takes time. Accordingly, you shouldn’t freak out or stress over it. Relax and give your mind some room to think and focus. However, if you are on a tight deadline and your grades are on the stake, it is a different case. In such a scenario, you can ask a friend or even your teacher to help you out. On the other hand, there are several online academic platforms where you can buy college essay writing service, crafted by trained professionals. They will provide full guidance on writing the perfect essay. Good luck writing!

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