Your eyes can give early warning symptoms of various health anomalies

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Your eyes can give early warning symptoms of various health anomalies

“We see the world with our eyes but, what happens when we look into our own eyes”

Beyond the blood vessels and clear liquid that’s visible in the eye, there’re many different layers and each can uncover many different diseases brewing in a human body. Just as things can be seen before being felt, eyes can give warning signs of many other diseases even before the symptoms starts to develop in rest of the body.


Cancer has always been among the most dreaded diseases of all that can take many different forms and can affect every part of body with capability to metastasise. Occurrence, if not slowed or removed can spread to the lungs and the brain and when it does, chances of survival are thin. No matter how scary the disease maybe, there’s always a possibility to catch and removing it earlier.

Cancer can form in the eye as well and if untreated, it can metastasise all the way to the brain. That said, a human eye can also reveal if there’s cancer in the brain through a swollen/inflamed optic nerve which is a more common sign of brain tumour. It can be detected during a detailed examination of the eye.

High blood pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure happens when number of blood cells is greater than normal for the arteries to manage. High blood pressure further lead to many different health risks and diseases such as cardiovascular anomalies, cardiac arrest, strokes, aneurysms, short-term memory loss and disability of various cognitive skills. High blood pressure can be detected through the eye retina where most of the ocular
blood vessels are networked. In case these blood vessels appear abnormally large and swollen, it can be spotted by the doctor for further diagnosis. Untreated or undiagnosed hypertension can result in vision loss following overfilling and leaking of the blood vessels in the retina. The onset is quite common in diabetic retinopathy.


Your eyes can also help in diagnosing diabetes however; early warning signs might be unnoticed due to milder symptoms. Still, the indications may appear quickly among the patients other than those having type 1 diabetes.

Much like hypertension, retina can release early signs for diabetes even if the person doesn’t show any preliminary symptoms. Blood vessels are larger and porous during the onset whereas severity may damage the cornea. That said, a patient can find best treatment for Corneal transplant Dubai following significant advancement in eye and healthcare.

High cholesterol

A human body can generate all the cholesterol it needs and this particular fat is found in the blood cells crucial to healthy functioning of the body. Still, the food we eat also contain cholesterol and consuming excess amount raises the risk of clogged arteries, cardiac arrest, heart attack and stroke. It also intervenes with smooth and proper blood flow whereas chain smokers are at much greater risk of high cholesterol as well as among the obese.

Small yellow sediments on the eyelids, stroke or even heart attack are the only symptoms of high cholesterol however; a human body may feel heavy and physically tired. High cholesterol level can cause retinal blood vessels to harden with blackout vision being a warning sign of a heart attack.

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